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We leverage on our technical expertise to develop software solutions that brings value to your business.

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We Are Programmers
Web and Mobile

We innovate and create web and mobile software solutions based on clients' need

Our Stack

We use quite a number technologies .


PHP(Wordpress, Laravel), Javascript (jQuery, Node.js), HTML/CSS (XHTML, HTML5, CSS3), Python (Django, Flask, Pyramid), Mobile App (jQuery Mobile, Android), Java (Play Web Framework), Databases (MySQL, SQlite, MongoDB)

Favorite tools

Git (version control), Sublime Text, Vim, Bash, *nix, Photoshop, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5/Mobile Boilerplate, intelliJ, Dash, Graph Databases (Neo4j), Ruby (Ruby-on-Rails), Geeking out in the terminal with tips from commandlinefu

Operating Systems

Ubuntu (Desktop,Server), Windows, CentOS, Mac OS X.

Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean, Heroku.


Who we are

We are problem solvers. We approach Software Development with an appreciation of the value software brings to your business. We identify our clients' pain points and tackle them with technology.

Our Services

We use tech and programming to bring value to your business.

Web Development

We use technologies like Ruby or Rails, Python Django and PHP to build powerful web softwares for businesses..

Mobile Apps Development

We understand the intricacies of mobile development and we leverage it to build Android and IOS Apps for Clients

Web Optimization

Our experts review web apps and give recommendations on optimization and best practices..

Ethical Hacking

With our deep programming skills, we can help you unlock gates across the web.

Programming/Database Services

We are proficient in Graph databases like Orientdb and relationtional database like postgresql.

Software Consultancy

We give general support on clients\' pain point and across wide range of tech issues


What Clients
Say About Us

This guys are amazing! They were so quick to respond and let me tell you, they are all knowing!
I highly recommend them! They are all about making their clients happy!

Jack Westbrook

Product Designer

I have purchased tens of templates from ThemeForest and this one is undoubtedly the best
I ever tried. Easy to edit, nicely coded. You guys, you did a great job here!

Lindsay Swanson

Web Designer

This is one of the best themes that I bought on ThemeForest. It is well documented and
well coded but the best of all is the friendly and quick support behind.

Jared Jackson

UX Designer


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We build software and give tech support that brings value to your business.